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R E V I T C O M P O N E N T S is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit© content development practice based in Kansas City, Missouri. We support contract manufacturer’s, building design professionals, and BIM enthusiasts in development, distribution, implementation and marketing of Revit© content that enables effective decision making, time management, coordination, and collaboration.

Robert Glinn

Robert Glinn established Revit Components in 2008. He previously worked at BNIM Architect’s as an Interior Designer and BIM Manager where the need for quality Revit© building components in the form of the newly standardized Revit© software became evident. He developed and launched a subscription based website,, to showcase the models he was generating for personal use. A year following, he shifted attention to support a larger audience by providing the content for free and established a blog giving away some of the popular Families, The development of these sites guided him into working relationships with furniture manufacturers, generating hundreds of high-quality Revit© Families for various product lines, as well as into consulting with architectural and engineering firms, for assistance in creating Revit© templates and other needed Revit© content. Now, three years hence, his efforts have resulted in Revit© downloads exceeding several million.
Robert received his Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Furniture, and Product Design from Kansas State University.
Outside of the BIM arena he is a gallery artist, graphic designer, conservationist, beekeeper, edible forest gardener, permaculture design consultant and explorer.

912 E 41st St. 3W
Kansas City, MO 64110
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