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Not "Finish / Cancel" sketch line edit mode or other invisible on contextual tab ribbon
Not "Filter" when select somes catergories element or other invisible on contextual tab ribbon
1. Filter by combo box in properties panel (1)
2. Reselect you want by catergories ... "bíms element :P etc" (2)
3. Filter will available on contextual tab ribbon. (3), and can you filter selected. (4)

Memory Usage (tối ưu hệ thống và cần nhiều RAM)
Learn strategies to improve Revit performance.
To minimize possible instability in Revit when its uses operating system memory, you can:
Restart Revit regularly.
If you receive a message that the current session's memory usage is approaching the operating system limit, save your work as soon as possible and restart Revit. If you are using a workshared environment, save your local file, restart Revit, and then synchronize with central.
Enable the 3 GB feature on your Windows® operating system to improve performance on 32-bit machines. See Enabling the 3 GB Feature on 32-Bit Machines.
Run 64-bit Revit on a Windows 64-bit operating system.
Reduce the number of loaded DWG and RVT links. See Managing Links.
Reduce the number of loaded RVT and RFA files. See Deleting Unused Families and Family Types.
Limit the number of views open. If you have multiple views open, you can quickly close all hidden views by selecting View tabWindows panel (Close Hidden).
Limit the number of worksets that you open when using a workshared file. In the Open dialog, from the Open drop-down list, select Specify, which lets you select the worksets to close before opening the local file.
NoteIn some cases, antivirus software solutions can lock files or slow data transfer, giving the appearance of memory limitations. See File Operations (Open, Save, Synchronize) Are Blocked or Slow for more information.
Topics in this section
3 GB Feature Considerations
Enabling the 3 GB Feature on 32-Bit Machines
Verifying Virtual Memory Allocation 

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