Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 2, 2012

Bentley's free BIM software

Apps for iPad
i-model Optimizer for iPad (beta)
Create 3D i-models for the iPad in MicroStation or

i-model Composer on your desktop
i-model Packager (beta)

Enables users to create a package of i-models and other file types for the iPad
Structural Synchronizer View for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

View structural models on your iOS device
ProjectWise Mobile Access Server (beta)
Connect directly to ProjectWise

Apps for Revit
i-model plug-in
for Revit

Publish i-models from Autodesk Revit for open infrastructure information exchange
ISM Revit plug-in
Coordinate, change, and synchronize structural data
RAM Structural System - Revit Link
Achieve interoperability between RAM Structural System and Revit Structure


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