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IDAT - Hollowcore slab design module for Revit Structure

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The IDAT Stacker module
The IDAT Stacker software is used to simplify the transport planning process for precast concrete wall and slab panels. The software is working directly with machine data files delivered by modern CAD design programs like IDAT. That make sure that always the right panel dimensions are used for this important planning step and eliminate the risk of typing errors.
According to the panel type a libary of common trailor types for transportation is already included. If necessary new trailor types could be added. After the panels are loaded to the software the user can create the transport stacks very quick and easy by drag and drop. Isometric views on the trailor help to prevent faults like overloading or oversizing. Stacking information could be send automatically to palletisation or bed planning programs if production sequence is addicted to erection sequence. A loading list is generated automatically by request. Overall the Stacker module is one important part of the IDAT module family for production scheduling. For more information please have a look on our website or contact us by Phone, Fax or Email.
We are looking forward to meet you on

ICCX Latin America 2012
21. - 22. March 2012
Booth nr. 43
CentroSul and Hotel Majestic
Florianopolis / Brasil

We would like to invite all interested visitors of the show to our booth for a personal meeting and to hear latest innovations of IDAT precast concrete design software.
IDAT welcomes the company Sansiri PLC as a new member of the IDAT user family. Sansiri PLC is one of the biggest real estate developers in Thailand and currently setting up a state of the art production facility for precast concrete parts in Bangkok. The data for this new circulation plant is generated from Sansiri design department with help of the IDAT CAD software. In two training sessions over one week in December 2011 and February 2012 the design engineers of Sansiri have learned to use IDAT software for their special precast detailing for different residendial housing projects. Contemporaneous the program customisation has been completed to adapt the IDAT software to the requirements of Sansiri design and the CAD/CAM interface was configured along the requirements of the circulation plant technology.
Hollowcore slab design module for Revit Structure
Productive and real design for precast concrete Hollowcore slabs inside Revit Structure - this vision becomes reality in a short time from now.
IDAT makes great progress in development of this functionality and expect to finish it in summer 2012. With this module it will be possible to make the whole slab design completely inside Revit Structure.
Segmentation, Panel labeling, generation of shop drawings and floor plans and finally the generation of files for production management and CAD/CAM interface - these are the main features of this first Revit Structure precast design module. Please contact us now and be one of the first who will be informed when this module will be ready for operation.
We would like to intoduce ourselves
The IDAT user support department
Martin Poschmann             Claudia Bonneck              Sergio Marin Cid              Denis Tisserand
Thanks to modern media such as Internet or e-mail communication is now faster and easier but also has become more impersonal. No matter which way you choose to communicate with us at the other end of the line always sits a real person. We would like to make communication with us like a little more personal and therefore we will introduce some of our departments to you in the next upcoming newsletters. In this issue we start with the user support department which is responsible for the technical support of our users. In case of questions on the use of the IDAT software our support engineers will take care that everybody gets a answer what makes him satisfied. The contact can be made via e-mail, Internet or telephone. Modern tools like remote control software are available to generate directly access to each IDAT workstation, regardless of its location. So we make sure that we can help every client around the world with the same high level of quality. Our support currently speaks English, German, Spanish and French language.
IDAT is represented also in your area - please click the link and contact our partners directly
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IDAT GmbH                    
Pfnorstr. 10                   
64293 Darmstadt        
Tel:      +49 6151 79030
Fax:     +49 6151 790355

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