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Keynote Manager 11.5 Released by Revolution Design

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Software Updates

Keynote Manager 11.5 Released!

Keynote Manager has been revisd and updated and version 11.5 is now available for download and purchase here.  Changes in version 11.5 are as follows:

Additions & Enhancements

  • Core Engine – Keynote Manager's "under the hood" coding has been significantly revised. These code changes should make Keynote Manager faster, more stable, and will make many future enhancements possible.
    • File Interaction – File interaction time is significantly improved such that it is not longer necessary to multi-thread the writing process making the application simpler and more stable. Because this is no longer necessary, the text file readout (near the bottom left) has been removed.
  • Settings Dialog - The settings dialog has been updated as follows:
    • Appearance has been upgraded to a more readable tabbed interface.
    • The text displaying the backup path now displays the user specific path where backups are stored rather than a generic path.
    • The text displaying the backup path can be clicked to open windows explorer at the correct folder.
    • The settings menu in the main interface has been updated to give options of going directly to any tab on the interface.
    • Some settings have been moved from the .ini file to the .config file for easier and more extensible coding. Note that this means some settings may be lost when migrating from version 11.1 and earlier to version 11.5.
  • Find/Replace - The find/replace dialog has been revised and a new setting has been added. Find/Replace now has the ability in the pro version to search either the key value only, description only, or both. The free version is limited to searching description only.
  • Logging - A simple logging system similar to Revit journal files has been added to provide better error reporting and troubleshooting.


  • The dialog display engine has been updated as follows:
    • Display of dialogs is smoother and faster when dragging the main window.
    • Dialogs will no longer display off screen in certain monitor configurations when the program is maximized.
    • In multiple monitor configurations, dialogs will display on the monitor that main window is on and will no longer display split across screens.
  • A rare potential conflict between the automatic backup system and the editing functions has been resolved and will no longer cause program crashes.
  • Banner / Mlink load issue with pro version has been fixed. Settings should now properly turn these functions on and off.
  • Find / Replace dialog no longer jumps from one side of the main interface when the main interface is resized or moved unless the resize/move pushes it off screen in which case it will flip sides to remain visible on screen.
  • Multiple Find/Replace dialogs can no longer be created by pressing the Find/Replace button multiple times.
  • Casing is now respected when checking for duplicate notes. Keynote Manager recognizes 052612.2A as a different note from 052612.2a. Note that in the new note/edit dialog Keynote Manager checks the keynote value as it will be once conversion options are applied.
  • Using the 'Edit' keyboard shortcut when no keynote is selected no longer causes program errors.
  • Keynote Watcher installer has been updated as it could previously cause an error if installed prior to Keynote Manager on 32 bit systems. Installer now works properly regardless of OS or install order.
  • The banner system has been updated to detect default proxy settings. This should remove proxy related errors on Keynote Manager startup.
  • Manufacturer Link system has been updated to the correct new database location and should no longer give errors on load.
Please note also that Keynote Manager Pro prices have been increased slightly to better reflect the significantly higher functionality compared to last year when it was first released.  The free version is still free as always!

Enjoy your keynoting!

Thank You,
Steve Faust - Owner
Revolution Design


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