Thứ Ba, 20 tháng 3, 2012

Links to Revit Content online


Link Type Quantity
(1 to 10)
Quality Discipline $$$ /


Autodesk Seek content aggregated by Autodesk; contains default Revit families as well as manufacturer-specific content 10 Low-Med All Free
ARCAT generic and manufacturer-specific content; modeled by ARCAT Med (?) Free
bimstore manufacturer-specific content; modeled by bimstore ? Free generic & manufacturer specific content; modeled by BIMstop, 3rd party uploads. ? ?
SmartBIM manufacturer-specific content; modeled by SmartBIM ? Free
Polantis A portal of content from various companies in a many different BIM and 3D formats
Productspec Almost 1500 Revit families 5 ? All / MEP Free
Sweets manufacturer-specific content, modeled by manufacturers.  Various formats. ? Free, reg.
RevitComponents manufacturer-specific and general content, mostly modeled by site author ? Free
ArcXL Revit and CAD details (2D); drafted by ArcXL ? Free, reg.
CADdetails company and product information both by CSI Master Format category ? ?


RevitCity downloadable user content 9 Low (varies) All Free, reg.

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