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Roombook Areabook Extension for Revit 2013

Release Date: 2012-08-15
The Roombook Areabook Extension for Autodesk® Revit® 2013 software helps calculate the surface area of walls, floors and ceiling elements, room circumferences and the total number of furnishing elements within a project.

In addition to the automated detection of room areas and surfaces, this extension helps users configure these elements manually to local requirements, as well as achieve more accurate model take-offs. Quantified results can be exported to Microsoft® Excel® software and Autodesk® Quantity Takeoff (QTO) software.
Multiple Languages (exe - 107980Kb)
 Roombook Areabook giúp tính toán diện tích mặt tường, sàn, trần, phòng & đồ nội thất, bóc tách dự toán. Áp dụng tốt từ bước thiết kế cơ sở, kỹ thuật thi công.

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