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G    General    Sheet list, symbols, code summary, etc.
H    Hazardous Materials    Abatement, handling, etc.
V    Survey / Mapping
B    Geotechnical   
C    Civil   
L    Landscape   
S    Structural   
A    Architectural   
I    Interiors   
Q    Equipment   
F    Fire Protection   
P    Plumbing   
D    Process   
M    Mechanical   
E    Electrical   
W    Distributed Energy   
T    Telecommunications   
R    Resource    Existing conditions / buildings
X    Other Disciplines   
Z    Contractor / Shop Drawings   
O    Operations

Sheet Types & Sequence Numbers

001 General (symbols legend, notes, etc.)
101 Plans (horizontal views)
201 Elevations (vertical views)
301 Sections (sectional views, wall sections)
401 Large-Scale Views (plans, elevations, stair sections, or sections that are not details)
501 Details
601 Schedules and Diagrams
701 User Defined (for types that do not fall in other categories, including typical detail sheets)
801 User Defined (for types that do not fall in other categories)
901 3D Representations (isometrics, perspectives, photographs)

Example Sheet Numbers

AD107 - Architectural Demolition Floor Plan, seventh sheet
A-204 - Architectural Elevations, fourth sheet
I-316 - Interior Section, sixteenth sheet
QH601 - Hospital Equipment Schedule, first sheet
FA601 - Fire Alarm Diagrams, third sheet
P-102 - Plumbing Floor Plan, second sheet
MH402 - Large Scale HVAC Drawings, second sheet
MP501 - HVAC Piping Details, first sheet
EP110 - Electrical Power Plan, tenth sheet
EL103 - Electrical Lighting Plan, third sheet
T-505 - Telecommunications Details, fifth sheet
RA102 - Architectural Existing Building Plan, second sheet

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