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Revit 2016 Service Pack 1 build: 20150506_1715

Adsk phát hành sớm Revit 2016 SP1 vẫn nhằm các mục đích như khắc phục, cải thiện, và nâng cấp các tính năng khi mà khách hàng gửi phản hồi về "Customer Error Reports (CER) và cộng đồng người dùng phần mềm của Autodesk

- eTransmit
Corrects an eTransmit issue with handling dependent views placed on sheets when the parent view is not placed on a sheet and the user specifies to only include views on sheets.*
- Family
Corrects an issue that caused undesired behavior in some projects when loading a family.
Corrects an issue that caused a failure for constraints to a nested instance when elements in a family were grouped.*
Improves stability when selecting to delete corrupted families during upgrade from Revit 2015.*
- Graphics
Improves stability when rendering with Autodesk Raytracer.*
Corrects an issue when rendering with graphic overrides.
Improves creation of Revit objects from imported faceted geometry.
- Linked RVT Files
Improves visabilty where the RVT link is unloaded but remains visible in the view until another redraw occurs.
- Point Clouds
Improves stability while reloading the point cloud file if the point cloud file root path was changed in the Options dialog.*
- Upgrade
Improves stability when canceling a File Open/Upgrade operation from an empty Revit window.*
- View
Corrects a display error that occurred when the Review Warning dialog was open.

- Wall
Corrects wall layer display issue in vertically compound wall with adjacent edges after mirror operation.

- Annotation
Corrects an issue that could cause tags to move when using Trim/Extend to join elements.*
- Color Fill
Corrects an issue where ducts and pipes displayed with centerlines only, and duct and pipe fittings displayed colored, if the Duct/Pipe Color Fill category was turned off in Annotation Categories in Visibilty/Graphics Overrides.
- Fabrication
Improves interoperability behavior so fabrication parts will now adopt the material, specification, and insulation parameters from the part you are connecting to.
Improves the highlighting of the selected controls in the MEP Fabrication Parts palette.
Corrects an issue that could cause an invalid connection to be maintained after changing the Specification setting of a fabrication part.
Improves stability when opening a fabrication job in Revit.*
Corrects an issue that could cause fabrication parts to use incorrect dimensions after being edited through the Edit Part dialog.
Corrects an issue that would allow a tap to be modified to a size that is incompatible with the main.
Corrects an issue that could cause instability in Revit when all fabrication services are loaded into the project.
Corrects an issue that could cause inappropriate behavior when placing a fabrication tee that uses a calculated length.
- Connectors
Improves stability when modeling from connectors in MEP families.*
- Duct
Corrects an issue that could cause dimensions to reverse on sloped duct fittings when using the Trim command.*
Corrects an issue that could cause incorrect modification of a duct branch without issuing a disconnect warning.*
- Duct/Pipe Display
Corrects an issue that could cause incorrect behavior when adding a vertical pipe from an upgraded tee.
- Mechanical Systems
Corrects an issue that prohibited the use of the Check Systems tools when a view template has been applied.*
- Pipe
Corrects an issue that caused an error when connecting to an element in a group.*
Corrects an issue that could prohibit changing the type of a fitting or accessory.*

- Analytical Model
Corrects an issue with the analytical floor horizontal alignment for a sloped floor.*

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