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balance performance indicators

For the building envelope and energy efficiency must be balanced with thermal comfort, visual comfort, daylight penetration, and view.

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Uniclass 2

Uniclass 2 (thêm một loại nữa để điền)
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Level ILevel IILevel III
A  SubstructureA10  FoundationsA1010  Standard Foundations
A1020  Special Foundations
A1030  Slab on Grade
A20  Basement ConstructionA2010  Basement Excavation
A2020  Basement Walls
B  ShellB10  SuperstructureB1010  Floor Construction
B1020  Roof Construction
B20  Exterior EnclosureB2010  Exterior Walls
B2020  Exterior Windows
B2030  Exterior Doors
B30  RoofingB3010  Roof Coverings
B3020  Roof Openings
C  InteriorsC10  Interior ConstructionC1010  Partitions
C1020  Interior Doors
C1030  Fittings
C20  StairsC2010  Stair Construction
C2020  Stair Finishes
C30  Interior FinishesC3010  Wall Finishes
C3020  Floor Finishes
C3030  Ceiling Finishes
D  ServicesD10  ConveyingD1010  Elevators & Lifts
D1020  Escalators & Moving Walks
D1090  Other Conveying Systems
D20  PlumbingD2010  Plumbing Fixtures
D2020  Domestic Water Distribution
D2030  Sanitary Waste
D2040  Rain Water Drainage
D2090  Other Plumbing Systems
D30  HVACD3010  Energy Supply
D3020  Heat Generating Systems
D3030  Cooling Generating Systems
D3040  Distribution Systems
D3050  Terminal & Package Units
D3060  Controls & Instrumentation
D3070  System Testing & Balancing
D3090  Other HVAC Systems & Equipment
D40  Fire ProtectionD4010  Sprinklers
D4020  Standpipes
D4030  Fire Protection Specialties
D4090  Other Fire Protection Systems
D50  ElectricalD5010  Electrical Service & Distribution
D5020  Lighting and Branch Wiring
D5030  Communications & Security
D5090  Other Electrical Systems
E  Equipment & FurnishingsE10  EquipmentE1010  Commercial Equipment
E1020  Institutional Equipment
E1030  Vehicular Equipment
E1090  Other Equipment
E20  FurnishingsE2010  Fixed Furnishings
E2020  Movable Furnishings
F  Special Construction & DemolitionF10  Special ConstructionF1010  Special Structures
F1020  Integrated Construction
F1030  Special Construction Systems
F1040  Special Facilities
F1050  Special Controls and Instrumentation
F20  Selective Building DemolitionF2010  Building Elements Demolition
F2020  Hazardous Components Abatement
G  Sitework & UtilitiesG10  Site PreparationG1010  Site Clearing
G1020  Site Demolition and Relocations
G1030  Site Earthwork
G1040  Hazardous Waste Removal
G20  Site ImprovementsG2010  Roadways
G2020  Parking Lots
G2030  Pedestrian Paving
G2040  Site Development
G2050  Landscaping
G30  Site Mechanical UtilitiesG3010  Water Supply
G3020  Sanitary Sewer
G3030  Storm Sewer
G3040  Heating Distribution
G3050  Cooling Distribution
G3060  Fuel Distribution
G3090  Other Site Mechanical Utilities
G40  Site Electrical UtilitiesG4010  Electrical Distribution
G4020  Site Lighting
G4030  Site Communications & Security
G4090  Other Site Electrical Utilities
G90  Other Site ConstructionG9010  Services and Pedestrian Tunnels
G9090  Other Site Systems & Equipment
Z  Gen’l. Cond. / OH&PZ  Gen’l. Cond. / OH&PZ0000  General Conditions / Gen’l Requirements, OH & P


Released in September 2014, NCS V6 provides the following improvements:

  • New "BIM Implementation" guidelines on successful implementation of NCS for BIM use. Addressing relevant topics within the NCS that can be incorporated within BIM workflow.
  • Improved style format applied to the body of the standard to properly number chapter and subchapter headings
  • Enhanced, revised and improved Symbols library:
    • All 1300+ NCS Symbol CAD files replaced and renamed:
      • All symbols renamed with a unique 3 digit extension number and abbreviated name
      • All symbols converted to inches
      • Include new insertion points
      • Include line type and pattern file type definitions where appropriate
      • Individual symbols linked to corresponding drawing file
    • 72 new and 40 revised symbols:
      • 18 revised symbols in Division 01 – General Requirements
      • 10 revised symbols in Division 21 – Fire Suppression
      • 6 new symbols in Division 22 – Plumbing
      • 10 new symbols in Division 26 – Integrated Automation
      • 43 new symbols in Division 27 – Communications
      • 9 revised symbols in Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security
    • Two new Symbols chapters:
      • How to create new symbols
      • Using colors in symbols
  • New "Survey/Mapping" Discipline Designators
  • New Major and Minor Groups definitions added for "Airports and Plumbing".
  • Revised "Module 1 – File Naming? section to better address Model Files and Sheet Files.
  • Revised "Module 4 – Drafting Conventions, 4.2 Drawing Standards" list of common scales to add Site/Civil scale descriptions.
  • Revised "Module 4 – Drafting Conventions, 4.3 Sheet Types" section to include new "Floor Numbering" format.
  • New and revised "Communications Terms and Abbreviations".
  • Revised "Module 7 – Notations, 7.4 User's Guide" text format for notes.
  • Revised "Plotting Guidelines" Introduction.
  • Apendixes:
    • Updated Appendix F – NCS Rules of Governance. Allowing Task Team members to vote on their own ballots during task team reviews.