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Released in September 2014, NCS V6 provides the following improvements:

  • New "BIM Implementation" guidelines on successful implementation of NCS for BIM use. Addressing relevant topics within the NCS that can be incorporated within BIM workflow.
  • Improved style format applied to the body of the standard to properly number chapter and subchapter headings
  • Enhanced, revised and improved Symbols library:
    • All 1300+ NCS Symbol CAD files replaced and renamed:
      • All symbols renamed with a unique 3 digit extension number and abbreviated name
      • All symbols converted to inches
      • Include new insertion points
      • Include line type and pattern file type definitions where appropriate
      • Individual symbols linked to corresponding drawing file
    • 72 new and 40 revised symbols:
      • 18 revised symbols in Division 01 – General Requirements
      • 10 revised symbols in Division 21 – Fire Suppression
      • 6 new symbols in Division 22 – Plumbing
      • 10 new symbols in Division 26 – Integrated Automation
      • 43 new symbols in Division 27 – Communications
      • 9 revised symbols in Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security
    • Two new Symbols chapters:
      • How to create new symbols
      • Using colors in symbols
  • New "Survey/Mapping" Discipline Designators
  • New Major and Minor Groups definitions added for "Airports and Plumbing".
  • Revised "Module 1 – File Naming? section to better address Model Files and Sheet Files.
  • Revised "Module 4 – Drafting Conventions, 4.2 Drawing Standards" list of common scales to add Site/Civil scale descriptions.
  • Revised "Module 4 – Drafting Conventions, 4.3 Sheet Types" section to include new "Floor Numbering" format.
  • New and revised "Communications Terms and Abbreviations".
  • Revised "Module 7 – Notations, 7.4 User's Guide" text format for notes.
  • Revised "Plotting Guidelines" Introduction.
  • Apendixes:
    • Updated Appendix F – NCS Rules of Governance. Allowing Task Team members to vote on their own ballots during task team reviews.


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